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How Add-ons Work
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Your add-on seems very expensive.
    A: Yes, SEEMS. Are you comparing on the right terms ? We offer many features for free which you probably might have overlooked where others are probably charging them. So, if you add up all those, you may come to conclusion we are pretty competitive and possibly hard to compare.
  • Q: Your add-on seems very expensive as compared to others.
    A: See our comparison chart. If you do not require any upgrades, then yes, perhaps our add-ons are not suitable for you and may possibly cost more than some of those one-time payment software since one of our motivations in adopting subscription model is to introduce upgrades and new features without charging you extra. Then again, if you consider many other features and services that we provide for free whereas other vendors are charging for them, then it may paint you a different story. We offer trials, so if you have not tried it out, why not give it a try first before writing it off.
  • Q: I would like to give the add-on a try. Do you provide trial ?
    A: Yes, we do. Contact us and request for a trial now, but be sure to sign up for a free user account first to expedite the process. We will approve it as soon as possible once you provide us with your valid and activated login. What you see and use in the trial will be the exact and real thing that you would otherwise find if you have subscribed to any of the add-ons.
  • Q: Can I create my own rules in the add-on XPertTrader Indicators or Candlesticks ?
    A: Yes, to certain extent. You can customize the many rules that we have created by setting your own parameters and then mix and match them. However, for totally new, unrelated rules, you cannot but you can always email us and we will code it in.
  • Q: I have just subscribed to your add-on and it doesn't seem to be working or activated. Why ?
    A: Once your payment is successful, the add-on should be activated immediately. Please check that you have login in using your account. You may also want to click on the UPDATE button in the subscription manager if you have ChartNexus on before you subscribe, see instructions.
  • Q: I am a new subscriber to your add-on. Where can I learn up more about using the add-on ?
    A: We provide manual both online and offline, videos and newsletters. Occasionally, we will organize Subscribers' Sharing Session (S3) which you can register and attend for free. We organize other events as well to provide you with a complete learning experience. Do give us your feedback as well on your experience with us or how we can better serve you.
  • Q: I like your add-ons and ChartNexus. Do you have any reseller program ?
    A: Yes, we do. Drop us a mail and we can discuss more.
  • Q: I have subscribed to your add-on and I found that it is not suitable for me. Can I request for a refund ?
    A: Yes, as long as it is still within the valid period as stated in our refund policy. Please go through it again and contact us and provide us with the details.
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