10.6 Connecting To Server

  1. What kind of Internet connection do I need to connect to ChartNexus data server ?
    Broadband, ADSL or dial-up connection; any of these is possible. Internet connection is needed to download ChartNexus program and stock data. ChartNexus has been designed to handle missing data if connection breaks.

  2. Do I need to be connected in order to use ChartNexus ?
    Not required. You can use ChartNexus in offline or online mode but you’ll need to go online if you want to update your data.

  3. I’m having problem downloading data or connecting to server. What happened and what can I do ?
    Possible reasons include:

    1. You are behind a proxy server. Ask your network administrator or Internet service provider for the proxy address. See Section 5.5 for instructions. Add www.chartnexus.com to you allowed-list of servers

    2. Our server is probably busy. Try again later

    3. Ensure that you install/upgrade to the Java installation

    4. You have no active internet connection. Check your modem.

  4. I can connect from home but I can’t seem to connect from my office. Why is this happening ? Is there a bug with your software ?
    See Section 5.5 for instructions.