10.5 Issues Encountered in Mac OS X

  1. I get the error ’Fail to execute chartnexus.jar’.
    In Mac OS X Tiger and some Leopard systems, there is an classloader issue in Java to run ChartNexus. The typical error message prompted is ’Fail to execute chartnexus.jar’.
    Applying patches to Java or upgrading to latest version may fix the problem.
    For Mac OS X Tiger users, there is no patch will work so far. Any users with this issue, even after applying the latest patches and Java version, may use the following link to run your ChartNexus - http://www.chartnexus.com/products/chartnexus_install_mac_failed_workaround_only.jnlp.
    Good news is, our developer team has found a better solution for this Java issue in Mac and workaround JNLP above is not required; however, it will only be available only in Version 3.1.