10.4 Issues Encountered in Windows System

  1. Why all of a sudden my ChartNexus software cannot be opened and i get this pop up message as ’unable to launch the application’?
    It is due to your Java cache has been corrupted or erased by some clean up program. If this is the first time you encounter this, it is recommended that you erase Java cache and install the launcher (70KB) again. To do so, please see Section 2.7 to remove cache, and then use this link to install launcher again - http://www.chartnexus.com/products/chartnexus_install.jnlp.
    If this problem occurs more than once to you, your Java cache is unstable and it is recommended that you download our EXE launcher. Save this program http://www.chartnexus.com/products/chartnexus.exe (495KB) onto your desktop or in your favourite program folder./ Then run it directly to launcher ChartNexus. This launcher will do the upgrade for any new ChartNexus release, you do not need to replace this EXE program.