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Contributors of ChartNexus®

Every piece of arts, book, song, music composition and definitely software, draws substantial inspiration, ideas and suggestions from many people. In the making of ChartNexus® (though it is not an open-source software), many people have contributed towards its development and growth, directly or indirectly.

This page is a special dedication and acknowledgement for the contribution from the people who have helped us in the development of ChartNexus®. They have either sent in emails to us to give their suggestions; mailed us about bug problems; call us on the phone to give their feedback; continuously lending us their morale support or through many other ways.

The names listed here are nicknames (you know who you are) while others may be their real names. If you do not wish your name/nicks to be listed, please let us know.

  • Alvin Huang
  • KT Ng
  • Karan Ong
  • SL Woon
  • Lee
  • H. Y. Ching
  • Mike J
  • Yew Choh
  • Nast
  • AS
  • Daniel Yam
  • Yong Sing
  • Donny Tagora S
  • Jupitor
  • Wayne Siew
  • David Foo
  • Khim Siong
  • Desmond
  • Huay Yong
  • Itachi
  • Clement Wong
  • Wb_wannabe
  • Ken Lim
  • William Wong
  • mJuay
  • Wing Hau
  • William
  • Trek
  • Subramania
  • Wei Hong
  • Abel Ang
  • Choong Yong
  • Lai Huat
  • Siew Khoon
  • Benjamin Lim
  • Seng Ming
  • SW
  • ChartNexus Team
and all the users of ChartNexus® ...


Got ideas or suggestions on how to make ChartNexus® better,
contact us and give us the challenge.

We are eager and excited to hear from you !
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