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The common issues for traders

Stop Losing Your Hard-Earned Money In The Stock Market! If you:

missing the big winners in the stock market?
do not know what to do with the massive losses?
always letting winners turn into losers
selling too soon and missing out on more profits
want to start stock trading but don't know where to start as you are new?
If you are facing the problems above, all you need to do is to start using our ChartNexus SAPU 4 steps! Yes, you heard it right, 4 steps only. In ChartNexus, we make trading easier , now everyone can trade profitably by using our SAPU 4 steps.

How it works

ChartNexus SAPU 4 steps to trade profitably

"S" - Screener

use our screener to find the stock that fit our trading strategy.

"A" - Attention

Attention toward the potential stocks from the list.

"P" - Performance

To determine whether the stock is overvalued or undervalued. The more you pay for future value, the lesser your profit will be.

"U"- Unique

it determines our entry point. How unique is unique? It is simple, if the volume is more than the average, that could signify something, that is when we open our eye big big and look at the company.

ChartNexus Mentorship Program

The Benefits of Joining
our Mentorship Program

We provide excellent mentoring through 3 exclusive members-only services so that your trading questions are answered ASAP to give you the confidence to apply our strategies successfully.

Mentoring by our ChartNexus Director and Chief Trainer: Ee Hwa

ChartNexus Mobile App premium features

Access to our ULTIMATE trading weapon: ESPMaster Pro

1. Mentoring by our ChartNexus Director and Chief Trainer: Ee Hwa

Weekly webinar: You can learn the whole process of how we pick up the potential stock and interact with our mentor
On-demand training videos (Lifetime Access): You can study our SECRET trading strategies in the videos we have prepared for you and you can unlimitedly access them for a lifetime! Watch as many times as you want!
Daily group discussion: We will have a group discussion for all our members every day. You can ask your questions and get them answered right here

2. ChartNexus Mobile App Premium Features

Special Market Updates: educational sharing and case studies postings based on real stocks
Market and stock analysis delivered conveniently to your mobile phone: You will receive our trading ideas and strategies in your mobile phone.

3. ChartNexus Premium Web-based Software

Integrated Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental Data: provides the comprehensive information of listed companies' financial performance
PE and EPS (PEEPS) Analysis: gives a visual view of how the share price is moving with respect to its historical and expected Earnings Per Share (ESP).

Five (5) markets data with up to 15 years of historical data world index data
You will get five (5) historical market data, which are:
• Bursa(Delayed feed) • HKSE
• SGX(Delayed feed) • NYSE & Nasdaq

Sector Info (Only for SGX and KLSE)
You can know all the latest financial performances of each company in a short 1 minutes. And then, you also can easily compare the financial performances with other companies in the same field through ESP Master.
It saves you a lot of time! Only exculsive to ChartNexus!

Stock Ranking System (Get the best opportunities within minutes)
The latest version now comes with a proprietary stock ranking system. If you always have the problem of buying the under-performing stocks or keep missing big winners, our proprietary stock ranking system can help you avoid the weak stocks and focus on strong stocks.
You will save yourself valuable time by focusing on stocks that has the highest ranking and thus the best opportunities.

ESP Master Pro Helps you to Trade Smarter and Profitable

Telegram Alert (Only at ChartNexus)

NO MORE MISSING OUT ON ANOTHER WINNING TRADE! Be alerted through your Telegram mobile app when stocks trigger our strategies. You can also create your own alerts on the charts and get telegram notifications.

TrendMaster V3 Alert (Entry)

Feel confused on when to enter the stock? By using our TrendMaster V3 alert, you will be notified once our system identifies the opportunities.
Hence, you can combine your trading strategies and our alert to decide your entry point.

Trailing Stop (Exit)

Your chance to ride the trend is here with our trailing stop auto plotted on your stock. When you set an alert, our system will notify you if a stock you are following has triggered this trailing stop and thus protect you.

Delayed Live Price Feed

We prioritise user experience and therefore, are bringing you 10 minutes delayed price data. With this, you can get updated market status through our ESP Market Pro.

Learning with ChartNexus (Lifetime access to our training videos)

What You Will Learn in Our Program

Chapter 1: Operate ESPMaster Pro software

Know your weapon before you go into the battlefield! The first step of your trading journey with us is to learn how to use our ULTIMATE trading tool--ESPMaster Pro so that you can trade more effectively than others in the stock market.

Chapter 2: How to identify volume trigger (Entry)

Our entry strategy is simple and straightforward, no need to use various indicators, just check the volume and candlesticks to determine the entry level. This is simple but effective.

Chapter 3: Profit-taking strategies (Exit)

Profit-taking is the most important part of stock trading, no matter how low you buy, if you can't close your position to make a profit, then you are wasting time and money to monitor the stock. Therefore, we will teach you when to exit the stock and make a profit.

Chapter 4: Buying price triggers (breakout)

In this chapter, you will learn how to identify and buy at the breakout so that you can buy stocks at a low price.

Chapter 5: Trading portfolio management

An important lesson, teach you how to hang on with the good stock and sell the lousy stock.

Chapter 6: How many units to buy

You will learn how to build your portfolio every quarter and then compound your profit.

Chapter 7: How to read Trend and Volume on chart

We will share with you how to determine the bullish and bearish charts so that you can react before the trend occurs.

Chapter 8: How to determine Support & resistance

Support and resistance are the psychology of the market; it can help you to identify the price area where reversals may occur or where you can enter.

Chapter 9: Important candlestick patterns

As a stock trader, it is important to know how to read candlestick charts as it is used to predict the future direction of price movements. Therefore, we have selected important candlestick patterns and will share them with you in this program.

Chapter 10: Chart Patterns and Projections

You will learn how to make price predictions based on chart patterns so that you can predict profit levels before entering stocks.

Hello. I'm Ee Hwa

Trade with me for 1 year of your life and you will be better at stock picking and timing

Director and Chief trainer in ChartNexus

Ee Hwa is a director and chief trainer for ChartNexus. His unassuming and generous sharing of his insights into the stock market using layman terms makes learning fun and easily understandable.

Trading since year 2004

Been through the global economic crisis in 2007, Lehman Brothers crash in 2008, the oil crisis in 2015, change of government in Malaysia in 2018, and Covid-19 in 2020.

Publish the articles in Singapore mainstream media

Ee Hwa has contributed his stock trading articles in Lianhe Zaobao and Smart Investor magazine

14 years experience in mentoring people to trade better

If you are new to trading and worry about you cannot understand what are we taught. Don't worry, as we are experienced in transforming a beginner into a confident trader.

We are in the newspaper!

The articles we published in mainstream before

(These images are first seen in Lianhe Zaobao and SmartInvestor)

We Are The Preferred Charting Provider

Bursa Earnings Season

Do Not Miss the Earnings Season in Bursa!

Did you know that there are EARNINGS SEASONS in the Bursa markets, which are during February, May, August, and November? So, join our Mentorship training program and ride the trend with us.

ChartNexus Mentorship Program

Why do people love us

Our method are simple and straightforward, yet effective. Through our mentorship program, our students are trading profitably in the stock market.
Helen PL Low

His teachings useful and easy . Even an old lady like me can understand. But I do wish he update his webpage for easier learning . Simple and good. Love this guy.

Keong Yeo

For me - results speak the loudest above all else. this sounds like a cliche but I literally went from a significantly losing portfolio to a winning portfolio after i joined EeHwa's classes from May onward.

Vincent CWC

Ee Hwa's way of coaching is one of its kind. Clear and concise with great humour makes the learning process interesting and easy to absorb.

Kong Thiam Ng

I learn a lot from Ee Hwa method of trading is simple and easy to follow using ChartNexus software really benefit from his coaching still lot to learn He is friendly and patient to guide us thank you Ee Hwa

Melvin Png Gim Yeow

He transformed me from a person who is always lossing in stock market, to a person who has started to see significant gain in investment. Really appreciate his willingness to impart his skills and guidance to all his students

Kelvin Su

I've never felt so confident to trade before I joined this training because what I've learnt before are wrong in trading. What I've learnt from Ee Hwa really helps lot to get what I've lost in stock market before.

Perry Yee

you truly get a LOT more than you pay. Proper method and strategy which I feel is the best. The cost you pay worth every penny.

Wilson Eu Kin Heng

Once I turned to Ee Hwa public youtube, I had start recovering my loss. Now I am glad that I had become one of his member and successfully recovered all my losses in a proper trading method.

Francis Chong

Learning while making money with ChartNexus is the greatest takeaway in 2020 for me. One can invest with confidence in Bursa with guidance and knowledge impart by the master sifu, Eehwa Ng.

Zhi Hao

Only regret is that I should have join early and that will boost my winnings% higher! Enjoy Ee Hwa way of explaining as it is very funny and easy to catch your attention.

Tay Siew Heang

I am totally new in stock market and after following him with a simple and straightforward method I had start gaining some profit.

Bihqui Tiang

A coach that's funny and humbke yet very insightful of how to trade well. Encouraging trader at time when losing hope and always point out the mistakes and also valuable tips on pattern, as well as earning.

Roy Liu

Eehwa has been in trading arena for many many years and his experience really shines in this course!

Patrick Tan

He makes stocks trading seems simple without too many complicated technical analysis and using simple to understand conversational language.

Abu Saad

He is a superb coach and guides all the way I really appreciate him. His ways and methods are practical and is relevant to current times. I hv benefited from his teaching. I tried many others but he is the best and superb.

Tham CJ

Really benefit from chartnexus software and Eehwa coaching and sharing.

Adrian Fong

Just new into it, and it has exposed all the mistakes I have been making... thank u for the teachings..

John Kwan

It has been a fruitful journey witn Ee Hwa till date, he has been sharing, guiding and coaching in the most efficient and easy to understand method. Thanks !!

Brandon Lim

I've grained more than what I paid for the membership. Signing up is the wisest investment decision I made. The fee is very low compared to losses I've avoided, and profit I've gained because of the knowledge I learned from here.

Lee Kuan Yee

Eehwa is really a good coach as he will teach and guide us how we can do trading independently in the future. I have learnt a lot from him and is still learning. No regret to subscribe this platform

Trade Profitably with ChartNexus

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is this mentorship program conducted?

Our mentorship program will be conducted on our private Facebook group, so you anything you not clear, you can just ask in our private group, our trainer will answer you and our weekly webinar also will be conducted at the group. Our On-demand ChartNexus SECRET trading strategies videos also can be found in the group, you can learn by yourself when you have time

How do I know this mentorship program can help me?

We are in the market for 14 years, and we have mentored over 20,000 traders to trade profitably. So, you are not our 1st or 100th student but is our 20,000th+ student, we know well in mentoring people to trade better.

This mentorship program is suitable for who?

This program is suitable for those who are busy with work/study and yet wish to make their money work harder for them. Our trading strategies are simple and straightforward and only require you to take a small portion of your time to trade stocks during market opening hours.

If I am new to trading, is this program suitable for me?

Yes, we will guide you from the basics.

What will be discussed during the weekly webinar?

We will share about how to efficiently use our stock screeners to find trading opportunities as well as software training.

What if I am unable to attend the weekly webinar training?

No worries as all the sessions are recorded therefore you can watch it anytime at your convenience.

I have just successfully made payment, what is next?

You will receive a welcome email from us and our staff will be in touch shortly to invite you to join our private Facebook group.

Join our mentorship program now, you will be able to enjoy:

1-year coaching conducted by our ChartNexus Director and Chief Trainer: Ee Hwa

- Daily stock trading discussion during the market opening day
- Weekly webinar: Identify the trading opportunities together
- On-demand ChartNexus SECRET trading strategies videos (Lifetime access)

1-year access to our ULTIMATE trading weapon: ESPMaster Pro

- ChartNexus private strategies stock screener
- ChartNexus private entry/exit reference alert.
- ChartNexus exclusive Telegram alerts.
- Delayed live price feed.
- 5 markets charting data (Bursa, SGX, SSE & SZSE, HKSE, and NYSE & Nasdaq)
- Comprehensive Fundamental Analysis data for KLSE Market
- Sector info for KLSE Market

ChartNexus Mobile App premium features

- Receive good learning notification to your mobile phone
- Learn from real stock live

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