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To live a life doing what you are passionate for, to do what you want, you need a passive income to replace your active income.  Stock dividend income investment strategy is one type of passive income which can help you achieve financial freedom.  Here are the reasons why:

Employment income can no longer be depended upon.
Everyone starts with an employment income. With job security a thing of the past, companies downsize and retrenchment are common during economic slow down.  If this is your only income source, you will be in trouble.  Instead, use this income as the foundation where you can start to grow other income streams to pay for your expenses or reinvest for compounding effect.  

Build your dividend income with the right stocks
Rome wasn't built in one day.  The same goes for dividend income. By diligently investing a percentage of your income each month, you will subsequently build a dividend portfolio over time. Use compound effect and yield to your advantage and your dividend income will grow exponentially with the right stocks.

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