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POSTED ON : 24 Dec 2011 (Saturday), 23:54 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Helpdesk Closed During Period 24 Dec 2011 to 2 Jan 2012


Dear ChartNexus user

After another hectic year in the young life of ChartNexus, the team will be on a company trip during the last week of 2011 to recharge itself so as to become a better team to serve you in 2012. Hence the helpdesk will be closed during the period 24th December 2011 to 2nd of January 2012. All emails will only be replied on 3rd January 2012.

For those who will be attending our Singapore events during this last week of 2011, you may still call (65) 64911456 to reach our events team.

Wishes all a Bountiful Trendy New Year 2012.

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

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