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Details Of Press Release

POSTED ON : 1 Feb 2011 (Tuesday), 09:40 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Release of ChartNexus Version 3.2


Dear ChartNexus user,

We are pleased to inform you that we have officially released our latest version of ChartNexus charting software (Version 3.2). With our endless effort in providing a charting software that fulfills your needs, we believe this version will definitely give you a more exciting experience of ChartNexus charting software.

The highlights of ChartNexus Version 3.2 are as below:
  • Addition of Fibonacci projection analysis tools under drawing tools
  • Addition of gain/loss ruler under drawing tools
  • Addition of four new screening rules, i.e. "Price above Upper Band", "Price below Lower Band for Price Channel indicator" as well as "MACD Histogram turns Green" and "MACD Histogram turns Red"
  • Improved Backtesting engine to allow for a bigger test scope (longer period and more signals) without the previous issue of getting out of memory
  • Improved "MA as resistance" rule that gives more useful results

To download ChartNexus version 3.2, please visit the following link:

Existing users of V3.1.2 and V3.1.3 will be prompted to upgrade the current version.

If you have any enquiries about this release or if you have encountered any problems in upgrading to the latest version, please do not hesitate to email us at support@chartnexus.com

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

P.S. Interested in ChartNexus XPertTrader... Call our support team or simply email us at http://www.chartnexus.com/support/contactus.php#cform to get a FREE trial of 7 days now!

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