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Details Of Announcement

POSTED ON : 15 Apr 2009 (Wednesday), 10:09 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : CTC TradeFEST :: Where Fun and Success Go Hand in Hand


ChartNexus proudly presents our first ever CTC TradeFEST. From the day ChartNexus Education Program began, our core competency has been our continuous graduate support. With the interest of graduates on our minds, ChartNexus always strives to provide excellent support for our graduates. In this spirit, we have organized CTC TradeFEST, a full day event that will be held on the 2nd of May 2009 at Suntec City. CTC TradeFEST is an exclusive event for graduates to come and participate and have a fun-filled time. What can be expected from this event is sharing of trading techniques, meeting of new and old friends and importantly having a fun-filled time. However this event is not opened for all. CTC TradeFEST is opened exclusively for graduates that have attended ChartNexus Technical Analysis Training Program.

Attending any training program is not sufficient; trading successfully and with confidence requires experience and control of emotions. How many times have you felt exuberant when your trade became profitable to then going to the other extreme of feeling lost when exposed to a sequence of losing trades. At ChartNexus, we recognize the need to provide an effective support structure to help our graduates ride the financial roller coaster and remain confident in their trading. Confidence is the key to success! In our endeavor to constantly improve this support structure, we have introduced CTC TradeFEST. At this CTC TradeFEST, graduates will get to determine what the leading sector is and then determine the leading stocks in the current market condition. Graduates will be able to share among each other and clarify any questions with the many trainers around thereby increasing their confidence in trading.

With CTC TradeFEST, the objective of ChartNexus is not only to empower our graduates with trading success but also to do it in a fun way. Graduates will get to meet new and old friends, share trading anecdotes and participate in games.

Graduates will soon be communicated on the process of registering their complimentary seats for CTC TradeFEST.

Please contact us at support@chartnexus.com if you have any queries on the above announcement.

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