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Details Of Press Release

POSTED ON : 30 Oct 2008 (Thursday), 16:36 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Very First ChartNexus Traders Club (CTC) Meeting


Dear ChartNexus user,

In our endeavour to support our ChartNexus Technical Analysis Program Graduates, we are pleased to announce that on 5th November 2008, our very first ChartNexus Traders Club will be held. A personal email will be sent shortly to invite all our Graduates.

ChartNexus Traders Club (CTC) is an innovative event that will directly answer the all important investor question of what are the highest probability trades for the coming week. Hence everyone shall leave the event with a clear list of upcoming trading opportunities. However continuing with our objective of empowering investors, this identification of high-probability trades will be carried out by the Graduates themselves with the help of ChartNexus trainers. All this in a FUN manner.

During the CTC, the Graduates will be broken down into groups with each group being assigned a ChartNexus trainer. A sector analysis will then be done by each group where the stock direction will be determined followed by which strategies (CTA, CIS or CCA strategies) to be applied. The high-probability trades from each sector will then be consolidated by the lead trainer.

With such an exciting session, we aim to achieve the following:

"At ChartNexus Traders Club, making money in the stock market has never been so fun, so easy"

For any enquiries on this press release, please contact us at support@chartnexus.com.

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

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