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Details Of Announcement

POSTED ON : 11 Oct 2008 (Saturday), 05:38 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : AP Oil International Limited on ir.ChartNexus Platform


Dear ChartNexus user

We are pleased to announce that AP Oil International Limited ("AP Oil") listed on the Singapore Exchange, has joined ir.ChartNexus, ChartNexus Investor Relations platform.

With AP Oil on board ir.ChartNexus, the online investor community will be able to view the corporate profile, financial information, stock chart and latest news of AP Oil on the newly created investor relations web pages accessible at http://ir.chartnexus.com/apoil/

For investors who wish to be timely updated with AP Oil' announcements, we have provided an Investor Relations email alert service that investors may subscribe at no charge at http://ir.chartnexus.com/apoil/email.php

If you have any queries on this announcement, please feel free to contact us at support@chartnexus.com

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

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