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POSTED ON : 5 Aug 2008 (Tuesday), 13:30 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : National Investors Symposium 2008 - Planting Your Seeds Of Wealth


The inaugural National Investors Symposium (NIS) is an annual event, gathering stock analysts, traders and listed companies to exchange insights about the latest developments in the stock market.

This one-day premier event will be held on 7 September 2008, Sunday at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The theme for NIS this year is Planting Your Seeds of Wealth. This theme coincides with the objective of NIS 2008, which is to provide participants with the information necessary to handpick the right stocks for investment and harvest their profits at the right time.

NIS 2008 plans to achieve this objective by showcasing Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) techniques to enable investors to make the best decisions for building a winning portfolio. 

In the FA portion, there will be talks to educate investors on identifying the strongest sectors in play, assessing a company performance and selecting the appropriate counters for a particular time horizon.

Analysts will highlight sectors to watch out for, the lucrative stocks that are outperforming others and inform investors of which stocks are suitable to hold for the long-term.

After participants have understood the process of selecting the right fundamentally strong company, TA speakers will focus on timing entry into the market, devising a comprehensive trading strategy and looking out for reversal patterns in market trend.

In a bearish market, profits can still be earned if investors know at what price to buy and sell stocks. TA analysts will share with investors the strategies for counter-trend trading. Investors need to know how to pin-point the support price and adjust profit-taking percentages in order to succeed in trading in a bearish market.

NIS 2008 provides a rare opportunity for traders to engage with expert stock analysts, all within one venue in one day.

An interactive panel discussion has also been specially organised for the premier event to cater to some of the burning questions participants would like answered by the stock experts. The panel includes TA Analysts, FA Analyst and two industry insiders from the current sector in play.

Among the panelists are: Lim Chee Sing (Head of Research, RHB Research Institute), Justin Tan (Market Strategist, ChartNexus Malaysia), Ng Eehwa (Chief Trainer, ChartNexus Singapore).

This is a good time for investors to look at investing for longer-term returns ... values are emerging and if you can take a slightly longer-term view, returns could be very substantial, said Lim, an award-winning analyst whose comments have been included in many published articles.

Lim added that opportunities for big gains are actually created in a bearish market where the stocks of fundamentally sound companies become grossly undervalued.

NIS 2008 is organised by ChartNexus and sponsored by RHB Investment Bank Bhd. The official media partner for this event is The Star. NIS 2008 will assemble a large investment community from ChartNexus, RHB, listed companies and the public.

A networking session after the panel discussion will allow participants to continue with their passionate discussions in smaller groups. With such a diverse investment community present, participants can benefit immensely from the exchanges.

Speakers, panelists and industry insiders will also be available for participants to engage with.

Tan said, There are few talks or seminars on the market that combine both fundamental and technical analyses techniques to help traders in their stock selection, especially not on such a large scale. With such a diverse group of people attending, NIS 2008 will definitely generate valuable and exciting insights about the stock market.

NIS 2008 will be held on the 7 September 2008, Sunday at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Tickets are priced at RM388. There is an early bird price of RM288 for those who register before 11 August 2008.

Interested participants can sign up at www.chartnexus.com/nis or call any of the following numbers; +603 79571076 or +60 12 6266519.

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