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Details Of Announcement

POSTED ON : 3 Jan 2008 (Thursday), 09:13 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Release of ChartNexus v2.3


Dear ChartNexus user,

We are pleased to inform you that ChartNexus version 2.3 has been released. All users will be prompted to download this FREE upgrade when they start ChartNexus.

ChartNexus v2.3 comes with a number of features and improvements following feedback from our users. We have also included JSX (Jakarta Stock Exchange) stock data for those who are trading the Indonesian market. As with other data markets that we provide, the 3-year JSX historical and end-of-day (EOD) data are provided free of charge.

A quick snapshot of the list of features and improvements in this version include:

(a) Indicator Template

This feature allows you to save your favourite indicators together with the respective colour scheme in a template. If you apply different sets of indicators in your analysis, you can use the different templates to add the different sets of indicators to the price chart.

(b) Indicator Colour

In earlier versions of ChartNexus, user was unable to change the colour of any new indicator (for e.g. a 4th MA line) created with the same colour scheme as the existing indicator. In this version, you will be able to change the colour of any newly created indicator to your own preference.

(c) Parallel Lines and Vertical Lines

The parallel and vertical lines complement the existing annotation tools. The parallel line feature enables you to draw channels effectively.

(d) New XPertTrader Rules - Ichimoku and Parabolic SAR

- Ichimoku indicator - Positions of Line & Cloud
- Parabolic SAR indicator - Parabolic Turns Green
- Parabolic SAR indicator - Parabolic Turns Red

For any enquiries on the release of ChartNexus v2.3, please contact us at support@chartnexus.com

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

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