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Details Of Announcement

POSTED ON : 7 Feb 2005 (Monday), 08:01 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Features Requests / Wishlists


Dear User of ChartNexus Application,

We have been offering the free download ChartNexus for quite some time now. We hope that if you are one of the users, you are finding it useful. Nevertheless, we are constantly seeking to improve on the tool to make it better and better.

We would like ... to take this opportunity to thank many of our users' for their invaluable feedback.  :)

This time around, we would like to seek your view on what you would like to see in the next release of ChartNexus, basically your wishlist. You can post your list here or if you prefer other means, please email to us directly support@chartnexus.com

Thank You.

Always Our Best,

ChartNexus Team

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Corporate Partners