Born in July 2004, ChartNexus was conceived much earlier before we formed our company FiNEX Solutions. It was then in February 2005 that we started distributing version 1.0 free-of-charge for personal use to everyone.

Since then, ChartNexus has grown to include many functionalities and improved usability. This is in part credited to the continuous contributions by many of the early adopters who emailed us with their suggestions and feedback. We thank you !

As we continue our sculpting of ChartNexus, we felt it was critical to explain to you about the features and functionalities so that you can get the best out of ChartNexus.

In addition to this manual, we have setup some learning resources at our website

If you discover any error in this document or any of the resources, kindly drop us a mail about it, it will certainly benefit others.

We hope that you find all these services and resources useful in helping you to become a better chartist, trader or investor.

If you have any ideas, comments or feedback on how we can improve our products and services, we love to hear from you ! Talk to us at

Happy Charting !

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team