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POSTED ON : 21 Apr 2007 (Saturday), 07:16 GMT+ 8:00

TITLE : Delay In SGX Data


Dear User,

There has been a delay in the delivery of EOD data from SGX to us. We have sent out an enquiry to SGX and we will let you know once we get a reply. Delay after 11pm happens only very rarely, but we will monitor this and we are exploring other types of feed (mainly due to cost reason and quality).

Yes, usually for the providers with realtime or intraday data, they will be able to provide data at a much earlier time. For strictly EOD data, from what we understand, SGX does some adjustments and error checking and correction on both prices and volume, hence that's why usually they will take more time. Also, that's why sometimes if you go to some sites and then compare the prices (OHLC) and volume with what we have, there maybe disrepancies. We felt there seems to be much to be improve on data quality side, and we will work with the authority to see how to improve this. Currently, the way things happen just don't seem coherent, always causing there are multiple versions of information available.

Always Our Best,
ChartNexus Team

UPDATE: Data delay fixed at 10:15am (GMT+8:00)

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